Wednesday 9 November 2016

Yellow Days - Gap In The Clouds

Returning with Gap In The Clouds, the second track to be taken from his upcoming EP, Yellow Days enters in to a world of divine instrumentation and stature. At just 17 it's hard to believe someone of such a young age can show this much soul in their music yet George Van De Broek manages it with ease. Covering a subject matter that's often ignored amongst the younger generation the Haslemere based artist tells a tale of depression and long lost hope, only to remind us things can and do change for the better. "Gap In The Clouds is about being in a depressed state for so long where your sky is full of clouds but that special someone makes a gap in those clouds and they can light up your world again" explains George "That special somebody can make you feel things like love and beauty which you thought you'd never feel again and pull you out of that deep funk you were in. Someone beautiful came into my life and showed me how to love again and that's what the tune is for me". Take a listen below. 

Yellow Days will release 'Harmless Melodies' through London based label Good Years on 18th November.


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