Wednesday 21 December 2016

Ten Fé - Born Slippy (Underworld Cover)

If anyone knows me well enough, then they'll almost certainly be aware of my tenancies to whinge at the first sight of a cover or remix. Already consumed by so much music I tend to stay as far clear as I can be from both forms, but then I suppose there's always room for exception. And when that morphs in to exceptional my normal view can always be excused. Not content with letting us slip in to the new year with a recently released brand new video, Ten Fé return with a glorious cover of Underworld's Born Slippy, a track synonymous with growing up amongst the UK's rave scene. Completely re-imagining the track making it their own through swooning guitars and driving percussion comes the perfect song to bow out on a fantastic year with. "We jammed this at our Office Xmas Party last week… and enjoyed it so much! So here she is, re-born, and recorded as a Christmas special: Underworld's BORN SLIPPY Merry Merry Christmas and A Vibey New Year from Ben & Leo". Take a listen for yourselves below. 

Ten Fé's forthcoming album ‘Hit The Light’, due for release on 3 February 2017. You can Pre-Order the record here.

1. Overflow
2. Turn
3. Elodie
4. Twist Your Arm
5. Another Way
6. In The Air
7. Don't Forget
8. Follow
9. Make Me Better
10. Burst
11. July Rain


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