Monday 16 January 2017

Blaenavon - Orthodox Man

Having featured Blaenavon since their early emergence back in 2013, it's been splendid to see them grow with such confidence over the years all in the lead up to their eagerly anticipated debut album 'That's Your Lot' (it's just a shame their press have forgotten about all the sites that have been there from day one). Here they share their latest single and official video for Orthodox Man, taken from their upcoming release due out April 7th 2017. The forthcoming album is available for Pre-Order here.

'That's Your Lot' Tracklist
1. Take Care
2. Let's Pray
3. Orthodox Man
4. My Bark Is Your Bite
5. Lonely Side
6. Let Me See What Happens Next
7. Alice Come Home
8. Ode To Joe
9. I Will Be The World
10. Prague '99
11. Swans
12. That's Your Lot


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