Tuesday 10 January 2017

LOYAL - Moving As One

It would appear that whilst most of us were having a lazy Christmas break, UK collective LOYAL have been hard at work putting the finishing touches to their latest single, Moving As One. Delivering a hard packed anthem with a sprinkling of pop splendour, the aspiring outfit make all the right moves as they continue to progress and build on their early success. Speaking of its release LOYAL had the following to say: "Blue and The Green was questioning whether to fight for what has been, or flee. House For You expresses the consummation, knowing there's still a beauty worth fighting for and Moving As One is about the fighting/the loving/the fucking, being in the moment, letting instincts dictate actions and allowing the emotions that ordinarily make you nostalgic or hopeful turn to something instantaneous, explosive and fearless whether the fight is for a love, hope, or a new world it's about the actions not the thoughts that surround them." Take a listen below for yourselves.


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