Tuesday 21 March 2017

DAUNT - Unbearable Light

After an unsuccessful few days trawling the inbox for anything worth posting, DAUNT breaks the deadlock with his gorgeous new single Unbearable Light. Rather contradictory of its title, being the only bearable light I've had in days at the end of my never ending tunnel of bad music, the London based artist returns on fine form for his second release. Reminding me of the reasons why I first starting blogging, to unearth gems like this, his showcase of dark minimal pop delivers a unique take on swinging hip hop percussion and soul. Of writing the track Will says: “it was clear that the song was really visual, taking cues from night-driving and classic Hollywood road movies. In short, our central character is driving away from an undefined event or relationship which has revealed some aspects of himself that he’d rather not have seen, as though an ‘unbearable light’ has been cast on him.” Take a listen below.

Unbearable Light will be released on his forthcoming new EP of the same name, due on April 28th through London label Beatnik Creative. 


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