Wednesday 12 April 2017

Big Wave Riders - Crest Of A Wave

Having supported the band since first appearing on the blog here in 2010, watching Big Wave Riders evolve over the years has been nothing but a joyous experience. With an ever maturing sound, consistently changing with new ideas, they continue to drive forwards, so effortlessly demonstrated with their latest single Crest Of A Wave. Enlisting the directing talents of Raimo Saba watch on below as the buoyant track gets complimented with an official video. Speaking of its conception he goes on to say, "Getting ready for the shoot Teppo went out to buy some Post-Its and ironically most of the stores he visited were sold out of Post-Its! I guess these days people are just too busy to remember small practical things. The trending nightmare is not being able to fulfil our planned schedules in our everyday life. We are not slaves to the demands of time, we are slaves to the demands we place on ourselves in the name of time.". Take a watch of the clip below for yourselves.


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