Tuesday 18 April 2017

Haux - Touch

Surprise releases are always a treat. The perfect pick-me-up to a day that's getting you down. Released on Good Friday, Haux returned with his gorgeous new single, Touch, a disconsolate emotionally-hinged jam. With its haunting electronics and echoed vocals the track showcases the true extent of his talent, with each layer of synth-pad texture exploring new dimensions. "I’ve always been drawn to the past" explains Woodson Black. "There’s something about it that’s both set in stone yet still awake. Touch brings the past into the present. It’s binds the details of someone you seldom remember with the nights that you always forget". I was a fan last year when he first appeared on the site and I'm an even bigger one now. Take a listen for yourselves below. Haux will play Sound Control in Manchester on 17th May and London's The Lexington on 18th May, both in addition to his The Great Escape showcase on May 19th.


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