Tuesday 25 April 2017

Jaymes Young - Feel Something

Having long championed Jaymes Young since first hearing his Darkstar EP almost 4 years ago, it's a great relief to hear his debut album 'Feel Something' will finally be getting its release on June 23rd. Having long been anticipated for what's felt like an eternity, it looks likely to have been well worth the wait as its title track goes to prove. With plenty more shimmering vocal sections and kaleidoscopic melodies that send you to the stratosphere and back, Feel Something paves the way to what's set to be one of my favourite album's of the year. Take a listen for yourselves below.

'Jaymes Young - Feel Something' Tracklist
1. Tied Down 
2. Stoned On You 
3. Don’t You Know 
4. Stone 
5. Sugar Burn 
6. Feel Something 
7. Black Magic 
8. We Won’t 
9 Naked 
10. Two People 
11. I’ll Be Good 
12. Infinity


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