Tuesday 4 April 2017

Scarlet Pleasure - Deja Vu

With glimmers of Ben Khan and Jai Paul, Denmark's Scarlet Pleasure return with their soul-soaked new single, Deja Vu. Filled with splintering synth melodies, softened by the accentuated vocals of Emil Goll, the track serves as a perfect introduction to the trio's sound for anyone yet to get acquainted. "Deja-vu is about living in a limbo between dream and reality", the band explain. "It’s about falling in love with everyone you meet and get your heart broken over and over again and then drown your miserable self in sweet liquor and karaoke. We shot the video in the South of France, trying to catch the aesthetics of architectural modernism, Miro sculptures and ideal landscape for what we had in mind". Take a watch below for yourselves.


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