Monday 3 April 2017

Sivu - Childhood House

Having been away for the past 2 years, Sivu made his very welcomed return before the weekend with the elegantly sparse new single Childhood House. The first glimpse in to what lays ahead from a second forthcoming album, the track's stripped back, trembling tones make for an exceptionally heartfelt notion, something that's forever been present in his music from day one. Ethereal yet all the time deeply nostalgic, Childhood House is a perfect introduction to this new chapter that awaits. Take a listen below along with a list of upcoming tour dates.

Live Dates
3rd May - Brighton, Latest Music Bar
4th May - Norwich, Birdcage
5th May - Cambridge, Unitarian
8th May - London, Rosemary Branch
9th May - Bristol, The Gally
10th May - Manchester, Eagle Inn
11th May - Birmingham, The Ort Café


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