Sunday 14 May 2017

BE GOOD - Not Waking Up

Something for the fleeting few moments of your Sunday evening, Oxford's BE GOOD share their delectable new single Not Waking Up. Oozing in soul and delicate vocal devotion, the track takes us on a soothing late night drive with nothing but jazzed-up guitars and bubbly synth melodies for company. Speaking on the single, singer Ash Cooke goes in to a little more detail describing its conception: "This song was written about falling asleep at a new year’s party, but ended up touching on themes of disconnection and renewal. I’d been thinking a bit about the myth of Persephone and her annual descent into hell, so Cora (her childhood name) made her way into the song too. But really it’s basically a woozy party anthem for the sleep-deprived". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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