Friday 5 May 2017

Colouring - The Wave

A glorious and blossoming evolution has unfolded for Colouring. Whilst I have to admit I was a little taken back with their sudden name change last year, I've finally grown to their music as they begin to settle in to their new sound. Here the band share another sugar-coated pop masterpiece as they mould together widescreen electronics and soft ushered vocals. "Aside from the melody I was really dragging my feet and unsure what direction to take the sound in this one," explains Colouring’s songwriter Jack Kenworthy, "We had a feel for what it was but it wasn’t moving me at that point. The rest of the band felt it needed a mellow approach and it really came to life when we started recording them on it. So I can thank the rest of the boys for making it stick out! Throughout the recording process we were referencing the first Velvet Underground record and songs like U2’s ‘With Or Without You’". The Wave is the second single to be taken from their forthcoming new EP due from Interscope Records summer 2017.


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