Thursday 18 May 2017

JW Ridley - 1990

Having impressed immensely with his debut single Everything (Deathless) at the start of this year, JW Ridley returns with another pristine effort sharing his latest track 1990. Deeply immersive steeped with endless nostalgia, his ability in creating track's of such slow-burning warmth is second to none and here goes to show these talents in grandeur style. From its looped piano chimes through to its cathartic crescendo filled with swirling synths and guitars comes another masterpiece in songwriting. "I wrote the song a long time ago, I kind of left it for a while because it never really felt finished with" explains Jack. "Eventually I moved back to where I grew up for a while and it just sort of happened. Being back in that place woke up the things that I couldn’t get inside of before. So I recorded it there". Take a listen below. 1990 is taken from JW Ridley's forthcoming mini EP.


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