Wednesday 31 May 2017

Leif Erikson - Get Free

Leif Erikson return today with news of their latest single Get Free. Having been fairly quiet on the surface since the release of their recent single Real Stuff last year, the band have been hard at work on their forthcoming mini LP due out later this summer since signing with Arts & Crafts. Having long been a fan it goes without saying I'd probably love anything they'd put out in the public domain, it just so helps that everything they do is so damn good. Drawing comparisons to Real Estate and The War On Drugs, the band's catchy and prominent guitar lines and funky melodies once more play an important part in their infectious sound. "It's a direct personal response to the way the political and media landscape has developed over the past year or so" explains singer Sam "A song like this is a chance for me to try and make sense of and communicate some pretty real fears and emotions I have about the future. It's not meant to be all doom and gloom though, the music has a strong uplifting energy." Take a listen below for yourselves and keep an eye out for their forthcoming mini LP.


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