Thursday 4 May 2017

Maximillian - Higher

It's becoming more rare than ever before, which probably makes it all that more special, but every so often an artist will cross my path who truly reminds me just why I spend hours at a time searching through my inbox for the next best thing. Maximillian injects that kind of exhilaration in each and every release. Having already shown immeasurable potential, the Scandinavian based artist returns with his first official single, Higher. In a similar vein to his
cross-cover of London Grammar's Hey Now and Frank Ocean's Pink + White, his latest effort displays once more impeccable vocal control laid out over the track's chest-thumping production. Led subtly from its sparse piano intro, Higher delivers more in its 3 minutes and 50 seconds than most can ever dream of, yet it's nothing short of what we've come to expect from his remarkable talents. Take a listen for yourselves below.


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