Tuesday 15 August 2017

Spacey Kevin - Lonely Tears

Esben Møller and Michael Jakobsen make "Music for your melancholic morning party". Words are far and few between online. Their latest video has just 39 plays at the time of writing. But it's music in its purest form, and maybe that's the beauty of it. The romanticism of not knowing. That honeymoon phase of discovery. With a world of music out there, and every badly worded press release to go with it, our judgement's often clouded, yet when we let the music talk a whole new concept unfolds of connectivity and emotion. It's these two that go hand in hand with Spacey Kevin's luscious atmospherics as the duo craft wide screen cinematic landscapes. Take a listen to their latest single Lonely Tears for yourselves below. Hopefully there'll be plenty more music to come from the Danish pair.

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