Thursday 21 September 2017

BANNERS - Firefly

If you ask me, pop gets a bad name. The genre instinctively refers to the bland and generic music that's heard on daytime radio, yet beneath this is a whole world of immensely powerful talent just waiting to be heard. Artist's like BANNERS who have been steadily rising the ranks with a continual stream of hits showcase this in infinite detail. Here the Liverpool-born artist returns with his latest single Firefly as we're treated once more to another adrenalin-fuelled pop hit smash. “Firefly is about meeting someone who makes you feel brand new, like you can be anything" he explains. "The feeling that any distance between you is too far and that nothing and nobody else in the world really matters". If all pop music was this good I'd listen to the radio a significant amount more. Take a listen for yourselves below. “Firefly”, along with current single “Someone To You”, are the preludes to BANNERS’ upcoming second EP released through Island later this Fall.


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