Friday 1 September 2017

Prides - Let's Stay In Bed All Day

In prime time for the weekend ahead, Glasgow's Prides return with their huge new single, Let's Stay In Bed All Day. A mantra I must agonisingly sigh to myself every morning as I drag my sorrowful state to work, the lively pair make us long for those Saturday morning's where nothing's on the horizon but to stay at home in a hungover stupor. "We’ve been hiding. We’ve been hidden" exclaim the band. "Occasionally we put our toes tentatively into the water, before retreating back into our cave, but we’re here now, we’re ready, we’re back. Our next body of work is called ‘A Mind Like The Tide’, and we’ve decided to split it into two parts". The first release from 'A Mind Like The Tide: Part One' entitled 'Let's Stay In Bed All Day' is available now and streaming below. Take a listen for yourselves.


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