Tuesday 31 October 2017

Anteros - Bonnie

Now a fully-fledged four-piece, Anteros have been hot on the lips of anyone at the forefront of cutting edge new music. It'd be no shock to see them do the rounds on many end of year/ones to watch lists and with consistently good music, who's to blame them. Returning with their new single, Bonnie, we're reacquainted with their buoyant effervescent guitars and joyful melodies once again to maximum effect. Speaking about the track, singer Laura goes on to say: “We wrote ‘Bonnie’ about the pressures of being a girl in a world of people who never seem to be happy with what they have. It’s time to break away from that; to love and accept ourselves. To stop comparing ourselves to each other and work together. ‘Bonnie’ is our tribute to girls.” Listen for yourselves below.


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