Friday 10 November 2017

Ella Vos - I Know You Care

Having quickly found her niche, Ella Vos has gone from strength to strength with her unique and instantaneously recognisable electronic pop sound. Renown for working the space in her music, I Know You Care's vast pulsating bassline backdrop gets set alight in fine detail with her icy vocal touch. "I am my father’s child. We don’t always talk openly about our feelings or often say, ‘I care about you.’" explains Vos on the track's conception. Continuing "We assume that the people who need to know already know. I have felt my dad’s love, pride and encouragement in all that I do. But since I’ve become a mother, I’ve felt the need to say these things out loud every day, as well as a desire to hear them myself". Take a listen below.

Ella Vos will release her debut album 'Words I Never Said' on November 17th.


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