Thursday 23 November 2017

Shy Luv - Lungs

Last week saw Manchester's Shy Luv release their latest EP ‘Lungs’, of which their title track now gets the official video treatment courtesy of a joint venture with HUMANS and CANADA. Dealing with heartbreak is never an easy transition to go through, so why not do it in beautiful fashion. The Northwest duo add their unique take with a video that depicts an unrequited love in stunning brash detail. The band explain: “We wanted the video for Lungs to really capture the feelings we were trying to create with the song, so when we got the treatment through from the directors (HUMANS.) we were super excited because we both knew the direction they wanted to go was exactly what was in our heads. Shooting the video was all super surreal. On the day when we arrived at this Mars-like red clay quarry outside Barcelona to shoot the band shots, we had to keep pinching ourselves to bring us back to earth a bit. The whole production and directing team absolutely smashed it, we kinda felt like kids at Christmas when we got the first draft of the video back.'' Take watch for yourselves below.


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