Tuesday 14 November 2017

Someone - Forget Forgive

There's something so pure and true about the intimacy within music. Perhaps a bias due to the nature of this site, but I feel very few art forms come close to the expression of word. With vulnerabilities often laid bare for the world to pick at and relate to, It's a risky forte but one Dutch artist Tessa Rose Jackson achieves with pin-point accuracy. Recorded in one night between the hours of 11pm to 4am at home, Forget Forgive serves as a wondrous all encompassing work of art that goes to show how endearing simplicity can be. "Playing the song to other people actually always feels a bit icky" Someone explains "like reading an excerpt from my diary out in public. It’s super naked, about battling some pretty nasty demons and, in overcoming them, figuring out the kind of person you want to be. Some songs take ages to fine-tune and hone, but this one felt like I was just solidifying a strain of thought that had been flowing around inside my head for ages". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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