Wednesday 14 February 2018

DMA'S - In The Air

Having made quite the impression with their 2016 debut album 'Hills End', the DMA's make a very welcomed return with their latest single, In The Air. Taken from their forthcoming new album 'For Now' which is set for release on April 27th it serves as another notch in the band's ever developing sound with plenty more Brit Pop influence. "Last time round, we were still working out what kind of band we want to be, and we still are,: admits Johnny Took. "We still have that jangly rock’n’roll aspect to it, but it’s also matured in other ways. It feels like a natural progression for the band". Take a listen for yourselves below.

For Now 'Tracklisting'
  1. ‘For Now’
  2. ‘Dawning’
  3. ‘Time & Money’
  4. ‘In The Air’
  5. ‘The End’
  6. ‘Warsaw’
  7. ‘Do I Need You Now?’
  8. ‘Break Me’
  9. ‘Lazy Love’
  10. ‘Tape Deck Sick’
  11. ‘Health’
  12. ‘Emily Whyte’


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