Tuesday 6 February 2018

Isador - Jungle

Fuelled on adrenalin, Isador's convulsing basslines and jazzed-up melodies leave you gasping for breath as they do their utmost in creating a devastating force. His first release of 2018, Jungle is most certainly not for the faint hearted as its waves of energy come crashing through its ambition and highly strung delivery. "I wrote Jungle during a really weird period of my life, I had just been signed to a record label and was going to New York for intimating meetings, but at the same time I was still living in New Jersey with my parents" explains Isador. "I felt like I was being dissolved in the hole between these two bizzaro realities. I had to get out of New Jersey and move on but to do so meant leaping into a life I was so unsure I could handle". Take a listen to the excitable number for yourselves below.


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