Wednesday 21 February 2018

SPINN - Who You Are

From the band's initial debut single, right through to the their current release, SPINN continue to push the boundaries as they return with their latest effort Who You Are. On the cusp of unveiling their debut EP on 6th April 2018, the band take things up a notch as their ever maturing sound takes on a new dynamic through their swirling guitars and sharp witted lyricism. "Who You Are is a love letter to all the posers of the world" exclaims singer Jonny "I think that everyone is a poser in their own way, like it or not at one point or another we’ve all pretended to be something were not." "This isn’t us thinking we’re some supreme beings who are immune to falseness"  he adds, "I mean Andy wears a Beatles wig every day, and I haven’t always been this much of a loser, I used to be much worse.." Listen for yourselves below.

Live Dates
23 FEB - MANCHESTER, Fallow Cafe
03 MAR - LIVERPOOL, Shipping Forecast
15 MAR - NEWCASTLE, Little Buildings
17 MAR - NOTTINGHAM, The Chameleon
31 MAR - EDINBURGH, The Mash House
01 APR - GLASGOW, Broadcast
06 APR - LIVERPOOL, EP Launch @ Arts Club
05 MAY - LIVERPOOL, Sound City
12 MAY - LONDON, Closeup Festival
03 AUG - LEICESTERSHIRE, 110 Above Festival


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