Monday 19 March 2018

Fears Chella - Polaroid

The problem with new music is that it moves on too bloody fast. I was sent this song back in February ahead of its release, yet by the time that date came around it was buried beneath hundreds of other emails. Try as you might you won't ever win the email war, take a day off and you're left fighting to get back up to speed. Despite that, Fears Chella's latest single is a sprightly little number and that does more than enough to blow out the cobwebs and it's a pleasure to finally get around to sharing. Described as "A song about the intoxicating feelings of that freeze-framed teen abandon you get with new loves", the track encapsulates the youthful energy in their music though cool-cut vocals and catchy guitar melodies scattered across a 90's influenced smoke screened backdrop. Take a listen below


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