Friday 23 March 2018

HANA2K - Pretty Enough

Considering I'm based in Wales, the amount of music I post from my home town is slim to none. That's not to say there's not much on offer, because there most certainly is. It's more so on the fact that I'm too lazy to find it, which is a crying shame because artists like HANA2K would go amiss if it wasn't for PR's kindly notifying me to their existence. Based in Cardiff, the 18-year old pop star has been steadily making a name for herself since the subdued and moody Jealousy went live online last year. Now she's back with a double single release that tears up the rulebook on pop as she re-writes the blueprint taking a stand against what others may think. "This song’s about not needing gratification from others as to whether you’re pretty enough for that" explains HANA2K, "I want people to feel empowered by their own self-worth, not from the praise of others. I can relate, as I kept getting people tell me their opinion about certain things about me, such as; "you looked prettier without a fringe" or "I think you have too many piercings." Although the comments were not getting me down, they just confused me, because I didn't remember asking them for their opinion, but the comments just kept on coming, almost relentless sometimes, especially when you put pics up on Insta, it sort of makes people think that it's a plea for feedback!" Take a listen for yourselves below.

Live Dates
Wed 04 April 2018 - Speaker Hire, Cardiff


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