Thursday 1 March 2018

RYD - Could've Been

Probably his most ambitious to date, RYD returns with the stunning Could've Been. Having treated listeners to his arresting and haunting compositions thus far, each received with equal devastating and ethereal qualities, here we get a further expansion to his sound as more electronic percussion is introduced, hinting at his most upbeat vibe yet. Don't get too excited by that cheery comment though, rooted deep within the London-based artist's music is a real sense of emotion and it doesn't escape that treatment here. "Could've Been is about the online age and it’s control over what is deemed as ‘normal'” explains RYD. “The song also talks of my personal struggle with discovering my own identity growing-up in the boom of the internet and socials and having everybody's lives constantly thrust in your face questioning whether you’re ever living life ‘correctly’. The lyrics “Could’ve Been” came to be from wondering if somebody could of really special if they were not so clouded by the need for approval.” Take a listen for yourselves below. 

Photo by Davy Evans

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