Friday 13 April 2018

Ben Khan - 2000 Angels

Ben Khan returns to make waves once more as he unveils his stunning new single, 2000 Angels. Having disappeared rather prematurely before his UK tour a year or so back, cancelling all dates to work on his debut album, 2000 Angels is the first taste of what's to come from the highly anticipated record due this summer through Dirty Hit. With a continuing theme of numbers, his two previous EP’s ‘1992’ and ‘1000’ both containing numerics, it's not the only familiarity he picks up opening the doors to another kaleidoscopic synthesised dream-world. His euphoric blend of personified pop breathes life once more. Take a listen for yourselves below. The new single comes in line with his brand new website, The Foundation, which offers an insight into the richness and depth of the album’s story.

Photo credit: Derrick Santini

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