Tuesday 17 April 2018

Magique - Unexpected Friends

Anyone who's been lucky enough to catch Fickle Friends or Geowulf on tour the past few months may have already become quite acquainted with the sounds of Oxford via Leicester-based artist Magique. For the rest of us, his latest single Unexpected Friends has just aired and showcases the refined talent he channels in to his production. In both equal parts atmospheric and mystifying in quality, the track elegantly builds in to a euphoric crescendo of electronic elements and swirling synth pad textures. "Unexpected Friends is about the whole cycle of friendships and how they end up overlapping and morphing into something quite beautiful” - explains Magique. "It’s easy to take your circles for granted and how these people came to be around you, so I just wanted to write a love letter to the people that stick by me.” Take a listen for yourselves below. With the promise of an EP on the way 2018 already looks to be an exciting prospect!

Live Dates
5th May - Live At Leeds Festival
6th May - Handmade Festival 
20th July - Truck Festival 


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