Thursday 26 April 2018

Sad Boys Club - American Spirit

Crouch End, London five-piece Sad Boys Club earlier this month shared their fiery new single, American Spirit. A true testament to their ferocious guitar thrashing sound, the band craft an ambitious and uplifting effort that brings their infectious choruses and glistening melodies together in fine style. "The track kind of grew into its' structure of its own accord." explains Jacob Wheldon. "It's a self-reflexive entity. I'd been friends with Duncan Mills for a couple of years; we'd wanted to do something together for a little while, but we both knew this was the one - I think he understood the sense of place, the sense of aboutness I'd had in my head. The song just grows and grows, M.C Escher style". Take a listen below for yourselves.

Sad Boys Club are: Jacob Wheldon, Tom McColl, Tom Herzberg, Jake Chatterton, and Pedro Caetano Leite


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