Tuesday 1 May 2018

Vasser - Valerians

When pretty much anyone can pick up a keyboard and a computer production software suite, you need to re-imagine the way you work to stand any chance of recognition. 19-year old London-based Vasser has done just so with his latest single, Valerians. Tearing up the rule book he breaks the conventional sound that swamps our airwaves and comes blaring out the gates with a fresh take on the underground electronic scene. Blending his futuristic silk-smooth production with ever confident vocals, Vasser wastes no time in stamping his name firmly on his sound with this little bass-heavy number. "I've realised that you can involve other people without compromising on the desire to do everything yourself." explains Vasser on his work ethic. "I've been born in an age where you if you work hard, you can basically sound however you want - all it takes is time. And not being exposed to a massive social life through spending time on music has actually helped me express myself better." Listen below for yourselves.


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