Friday 22 June 2018

Lokoy - Malibu (ft. girl in red)

Sharing his debut single, Malibu, Lokoy the solo project of 21-year-old songwriter and producer Lasse Lok√ły, unveils the comprehensible layering he's managed to achieve in this wonderful first offering. Filled with harmonious moments and intricate samples made from every day sounds from airports and cell phone noises, his talents span a vast area dipping in to both analogue and electronic elements. "It's about a relationship which is harmed by external factors and how those surroundings can complicate a situation that is fairly uncomplicated to begin with," Lokoy explains. "Sometimes, it’s hard to rise above your position and view things independently, because you will always be defined in relation to your surroundings,” he says, referencing lead refrain “It's not the height of the man that gives the length to his shadow / it's the height of the sun". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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