Wednesday 20 June 2018

ONR. - Love In Suburbia

Whilst Glasgow has its own quirks and deep rooted culture, ONR.'s music conjures imagery so far away from its concrete surroundings it's a surprise to learn of his nationality. Born and raised between the Highlands and Southern Scotland, ONR. spent his early years influenced strongly by the likes of Elton John, Kate Bush, Freddie Mercury and Bruce Springsteen and this still holds a big impact in his sound. Take Love In Suburbia for instance, a vibrant high energy single that would not look out of place sound-tracking the Californian coast or skylines of New York. "Love In Suburbia is probably the most energetic track I’ve released so far - in the few times I’ve played it live, it always gets such a big reaction" He explains. "It’s essentially a love song set both in and about the suburban or small-town upbringing, the comforts and the limitations of that, the safety and the monotony - that’s something very close to me". Take a listen for yourselves below and get lost in its soaring choruses and dazzling production.


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