Wednesday 27 June 2018

Oscar - 1UP feat. Sarah Bonito

Making his very welcomed return, Oscar unveils his brand new single, teaming up with Sarah Bonito on 1UP. It's been a quiet 2 years since the release of his debut album 'Cut and Paste' but he's been hard at work behind the scenes moulding his new sound in to its most refined and robust state yet. With glithcy 8bit samples aplenty, fun melodies and infectious hooks, 1UP serves as the perfect insight to the London-based artist's creative mind. "1UP is about having a second chance to start again and making it count. Whether that be a relationship, (with ourselves or others), a lifestyle or even just a philosophy you want to exercise" explains Oscar. "It's a celebration of re-birth, intention and progression. As I've experienced anxiety and depression, there are moments you feel like you just gotta get through the day, like life is a video game and you're a character trying to pass the level". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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