Sunday 10 June 2018

Phoria - When Everything Was Mine

For anyone that don't remember Phoria, or is in fact about to stumble upon them through this post for the very first time, I highly suggest you re-visit their back catalogue. From their debut EP (which I covered here) in 2013 through to more recent works, everything the Brighton-based outfit have touched has been nothing but golden. It's with huge pleasure upon their return to discover it's of equal measure, if not even more tear-jerkingly beautiful. Their use of painstaking space has been paramount to their music from day one and it's no different here as the track's opening few notes are graced with Trewin Howard's gracious vocals and subtle piano key strikes. As it begins to unfold we quickly gather pace as further instrumentation is introduced towards its hair-raising crescendo. No one quite does all empowering soundscapes like Phoria. Take a listen for yourselves below. The single will be officially released through X Novo/Akira Records on 31st of June.


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