Wednesday 11 July 2018

Kyson - Every High

Every High is the first taste of music I've had from Australian, now Berlin based producer/vocalist/composer and all-round wunderkind Kyson. His music is soft yet potent, doused in laid back electronica with an emotive kick in its tail.The artist's latest single delivers a wonderful insight in to his workings through choppy hip-hop influenced samples and folk  delivered etherealness. Speaking about the single he shares the following: "I wanted to write a song about overcoming the feeling or need we have as individuals to modify ourselves and our personalities to please others in our daily lives… about how honesty and trust can help overcome this pressure of pleasing, and the journey of finding the way towards both of these emotions." Take a listen for yourselves below.

Every High is out now on B3SCI / Majestic Casual Records and will be also be made available as part of a 4-track vinyl release from 21st September.


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