Thursday 19 July 2018

STORME - Starlight

Having instantly won me over with their single Burning Echoes last year, pop duo Storme return today with the hugely impressive Starlight. Packed with powerhouse melodies and infectious hooks, their latest effort if filled with self-confidence as it stamps its powerful message on the track's thumping bassline and dazzling rhythms. "Starlight was inspired by one of my best friends" Swedish front woman Amanda Liedberg explains. "For years she had no self-worth, putting herself down so many times, she became her own worst enemy. This song is for those who need that extra little confirmation, to say, ‘you are great, you're doing well and are so much more than you think you are’."Starlight’ was co-written/produced by James Rushent, formerly of dance-pop band 'Does It Offend You Yeah'.  Listen for yourselves below.


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