Monday 20 August 2018

Far Caspian - The Place

Having dazzled with their recent single Let's Go Outside back in June, Leeds based outfit Far Caspian have returned with their latest effort, The Place. Equal in stature the trio sure know a thing or two about crafting melodic, space-conscious compositions, demonstrated here so well. Packed with skippy percussion, hazy vocals and a driving swell of guitar the track could so happily sit alongside the likes of their well cited influences of Grizzly Bear and Real Estate. "We wanted to have a track on the EP that was based more on intricate rhythms but instead we went for a pretty stripped back arrangement so it made sense alongside our other tracks", the trio stated. "The song itself is about overthinking things in social situations and feeling like you aren't contributing enough to conversation because you're feeling awkward". Take a listen for yourselves below. The new single is available now through Dance To The Radio. 


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