Sunday 2 December 2018

ELINA - Champion

It take a lot to throw your all in to a song of such simplicity. Your vulnerabilities become laid bare with the sole focus on the words from your voice. Singer-songwriter ELINA steps up to the plate in fine form with far more splendour than anyone could possibly imagine, sharing her stunning and frankly honest single Champion. "To me, Champion is about fear" explains ELINA, "Personally, when I get scared of losing someone or if I feel inadequate in a relationship - any relationship - I tend to disguise that fear with rejection. Sometimes even with anger. I think it's a very easy-to-see-through attempt to hide that you're hurt or vulnerable. "I'm scared of losing you" becomes "I don't need you". The meaning of "break my heart like a champion" is basically a request to your loved one not to break your heart slowly or gently. Sometimes the fall hurts even more than actually hitting the ground - it's easier to know what will happen instead of fearing it and to live in uncertainty. It's like ripping of a band-aid, the slower you rip the more it hurts." Fairly new to the scene but having already amassed 16 million Spotify streams from just two singles, it's safe to say she's a talent worth knowing about.


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