Sunday 30 December 2018

End of Year; Inbox Roundup

Looking to start the year on a clean slate with zero emails, here's a couple of track's from the past month or so that I wasn't able to find the time to post individually, yet are all still worth sharing. Enjoy. Will hopefully see you in 2019 with plenty more fun music to indulge you in.

Arran George - How High Does the English Grass Grow

Recorded in true DIY fashion in his bedroom in Cumbria, Arran George is already showing very promising signs for the future. Aside from a small handful of demos available to stream on his Soundcloud page, there's not a heap of info available on the artist. Yet, even in its simplest form, his music is rich in honesty and emotion. Listen for yourselves below.

FOXE - Frequency

London via Guildford three-piece FOXE returned last month with their energetic new video for latest single Frequency. Following a 6 month break it marks a triumphant return with a "tongue-in-cheek account of the nourishment sought in excess and indulgence". Watch below.

Opia Bloom - Side By Side

A catalyst in explosive Indie-Pop, Opia Bloom returned last month with the video to their driving new single Side By Side. “It's about that archetypal relationship where, without each other, you're lost. Those deep feelings of dependency and connection that mean you sometimes can't stand each other/it’s all a bit too much. That's what the structure of the song emulates. It dips and dives, rearing its head in all the right places as you experience this roller-coaster of conflicting emotions.

Submariner - T.O.Y.S.

The first in a series of new singles, the Brighton-based four-piece unveil a dazzling introduction to their sound upon my first listen. Think sickly sweet melodies and super fun, infectious guitar hooks. "The track is about combating apathy with kindness. It's easy to feel apathy in 2018 - people are very desperate to maintain a facade of being okay, even when they're not, because we're so afraid of being left out. We spend a lot of our lives, looking at our phones at pictures of 'something better' and we also spend a lot of time trying to show the world that we're having a great time by documenting our every move via Instagram. When you spend a large portion of time trying to present something false, with fear acting as your motivation, you become desensitised to everything and start to lose a grip on what's real".


Broken Hands - Friends House

Recently signed to Atlantic Records, Canterbury-based outfit Broken Hands have scattered their name across BBC, NME, and The Independent with plenty to shout about in their powerful guitar heavy sound. In October they shared two new tracks, “Friends House” and “Split In Two,” both of which are accompanied by performance videos marking the first new music from Broken Hands since the release of their acclaimed 2015 full-length debut, Turbulence. Listen for yourselves below.


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