Monday 24 December 2018

Homes - Loveable

Digging through my inbox, Slovakian-based artist Homes gives reason to the need for listening to everything I'm sent. An email is something that could be easily overlooked and is yet worth its weight in gold when of this quality. Delivering an intricate, ethereally-charged sound through his echoed vocals and softly strummed guitar comes a gorgeous offering that continues to give as each layer's revealed. With added string arrangements and minimal percussion, Loveable tackles the need for self-love in the most wonderful of ways. "I tried to write every word of this song as if I were to yell it intimately at a person, who I’ve seen suffer incredibly because they’re incapable of loving themselves" Homes explains. "I always thought everybody is deserving of love. From those around them, but especially from themselves. People seem to think you need reasons to love yourself, I think you don’t". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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