Thursday 10 January 2019

Kita Menari - Pretty Sure

Photo Credit: Joram Kaat & Rens Polman

Every once in a while an artist emerges that nails the pop blueprint down to the letter. Kita Menari is the first of 2019 to do just so. The synth-pop project of Dutch artist Micha de Jonge, Kita Menari's new single Pretty Sure is a colourful explosion of feel-good euphoria injected straight to your veins. Following a near death experience whilst scuba diving that gave the project its name, the sound carries a brilliant sense of rejuvenation, evidently so in its soaring crescendo. Talking about this latest single Micha explains: "The song revolves about a common conversation I have with myself: whether or not what I'm doing creatively is good enough, and the fear of letting that feeling go. Having big ambitions and dreams can sometimes have a negative effect on the process of achieving them. It’s like having an angel on one shoulder telling you to go for it while a demon sits on the other telling you it’s not good enough. I wanted there to be a sonic build throughout the song that would erupt after the second chorus, as a sign of letting that fear go and having creativity burst free." Listen for yourselves below. He plays Europe’s top tastemaker festival Eurosonic on January 19th.


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