Wednesday 9 January 2019

Saytr Play - Bang Average

It's been a long time since an Indie Pop guitar band made me feel this good. Saytr Play swagger on to my radar with a luminescent overload of fiery guitars and vibrant melodies, all neatly wrapped up in to an infectious ensemble. A track built for the hopeless romantic inside us all, the Mancunian-based five-piece tackle the long-lived tale of an unrequited love documented in immaculate detail. Produced by Joe Cross and released on his own label Lovers Music, Saytr Play show evidently here they're anything but Bang Average. Take a listen for yourselves below. The band play a headline set at Gorilla in Manchester on February 22nd.

Saytr Play are: Jamie Vere, Juan Garcia, Dan Crowther, Fred Farrell and Tom Castrey.


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