Friday 25 January 2019

Streets of Roya - If Only

Streets of Roya - If Only

With news of the band's debut EP set to be released on March 15th, enigmatic alt-pop outfit Streets of Roya return with their latest single, If Only. "Sometimes it's a challenge to not get caught up in the regrets of life", the band explain. "Wanting to go back in time can be tempting and sometimes your mind is taking you back. For the better or worse." Formed from its unassuming intro, quickly dissipating in to a sound bath of aural delight, its sprawling mid sections and soaring choruses stand testament to the band's euphoric sound. What's achieved through slow tempo, chest thumping elegance is something most can only dream of replicating, and might just be some their finest work to date. Take a listen to If Only for yourselves below. The debut EP ‘A Bad Companion’ is due out March 15th.


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