Wednesday 9 January 2019

Talos - The Light Upon Us

Has it really been almost five years since I first heard Talos' Tethered Bones. A lot has happened in that time, but one thing that's remained constant is the high quality output from Ireland's Eoin French. Returning with his second album 'Far Out Dust' on 8th February 2019, he's revealed The Light Upon Us with an accompanying lyric video. "It's called “The Light Upon Us” but, the idea of the light... it's not a positive light" he explains. "It's one that erases things. It's blinding. Sometimes things have to be destroyed for something else to be created. An acceptance that things are supposed to die at some point. Everything has an end." The track itself is an all consuming masterpiece in emotive pop. French knows a thing or two about creating exhilaration in his work and The Light Upon Us serves it in abundance. Listen below.

Pre-Save and Pre-order 'Far Out Dust' HERE with instant downloads of “See Me” and “The Light Upon Us”.


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