Monday 18 February 2019

Jasmine Thompson - Loyal

Jasmine Thompson - Loyal

Newcomer Jasmine Thompson sure knows a thing or two about creating intelligent, super indulgent, pop music. Her latest single Loyal ticks all the boxes with its deeply personal lyrics and heartfelt sentiment. In her latest single she sings of a relationship breakdown where no matter how hard you fight the feelings, you don't forget who they were as a person at the start. "We didn’t trust each other," Jasmine explains, "and as it turned out, we both had good reason. Also, he owes me £600." Loyal, in the end, became something rather pensive: "I’m still loyal to the person I met at the beginning, who made me really excited and gave me butterflies". Take a listen for yourselves below. Jasmine’s EP ‘Colours’ will be out 29th March.


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