Monday 11 February 2019

Khushi - Freedom Falls

The trouble is, when you find an artist you like, you assume their music will always be around. Whether it's the consumable generation I've grown up in or not but we rarely seem to appreciate the wealth at our fingertips. When I first heard of Khushi it was through a dainty yet equally empowering Burberry acoustic rendition if his single Magpie on YouTube back in '13. Through the years his sound steadily flourished as further singles began to surface, tour dates announced and his fan base enlarged. Then there was nothing. The empty quietness of no new music as he worked on other projects. Finally breaking the silence he returned over the weekend with the first taste of his long awaited debut album sharing Freedom Falls, a beautifully arranged alt-electronic piece that slowly awakens in to life. "Freedom Falls has been on a long journey with me," says Khushi. "I’ve played it in bands that I used to play in and have tried recording multiple different versions of it. I never felt it quite lived up to its potential, though I would keep playing it at the piano over the years, still having faith in it. Eventually, when I was doing a rough sketch of it to send to a friend, this version came out of me. It is the song in its simplest, most direct form. Perhaps because I started it thinking it was just going to be a rough sketch, it took the pressure off and I realised the song didn’t need too much fancy stuff, just to be presented in the most direct way possible. I feel the song has finally found its final form, and that is one of my favourite things to feel!". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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