Friday 22 February 2019

Maximillian - Beautiful Scars

Maximillian - Beautiful Scars

Everything happens for a reason. Or so they say. Maximillian knows this all too well as he unveils his stunning, and deeply personal new single Beautiful Scars. Making exceptional use of the space he creates, Beautiful Scars demonstrates his effortless style with noteworthy production and striking lyrics. "I made a lot of bad decisions, hung out with the wrong people and did a lot of things I regret." Maximillian explains. I literally lived a life on the edge at the age of 13 and “Beautiful Scars” is me facing my life growing up. It’s about how I used to behave and treat people around me. How we all have inner demons that sometimes burst out in the world with no warning, I believe it’s important to embrace your demons. No one’s perfect – so embrace that – and live your life as good as you possibly can!". Take a listen for yourselves below - and do as Max says "embrace your flaws".


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