Sunday 17 February 2019

Saltwater Sun - Blood

Photo Credit: Charlie Woodward

Saltwater Sun - Blood

Reading-based outfit Saltwater Sun returned before the weekend with their most soulful effort yet as the five-piece unveiled Blood. Quite possibly the best track I've heard in months, it's constant rise and fall of swelling darkened pop tones and scintillating, euphoric guitar lines make Blood a stunning introduction to their forthcoming EP 'The Great Deceiver' out this April. "Since the death of my father, I’ve come to know joy as sorrow-tinged throughout each altering epoch and mundane happiness in my life", explains frontwoman Jen Stearnes on the tracks origins. "With age, I mourn less for my loss and more for his, and so endeavor to carry his memory so that he might live on through me. It’s deeply personal, yet completely universal; Blood is about finding solace in the idea that we might transcend death through lineage". Take a listen for yourselves below.

Live Dates
22 Feb – The Shacklewell Arms, London (w/ Pom Poko)
04 May – Live At Leeds
05 May – Liverpool Sound City
17 May – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London (Close Up Festival)

Saltwater Sun is Jen Stearnes (vocals), Joel Neale (guitar), Dan Kingham (guitar), Rob Carter (bass) and Ben Chandler (drums).


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